The Sound of Silence

I know, it’s been really quiet on this blog for a LONG time. I have reasons, excuses, “whatever”.  The truth is the world has been so noisy that I could not put out any more words into space.

However, I feel compelled to speak to you again. That’s a good thing, right?

Let’s do a little catch-up. I have been knitting lots! I survived through the holidays. I recovered from colds, flu, and a fall. In this middle of this I sang with choir and started playing oboe again.  OK , that is the short version if you need more you can follow along below.

Knitting first, sweaters for me. But the most fun was the knitting I did for Christmas. This was the year of the hat. I pulled out yarn from my stash and became creative. There were many, but here are my favorites.

Bronntanas, knit in Clara Parkes beautiful Como 1.0


Then a very fun pattern by Plucky, Onward & Upward. This was knit in bits of leftovers.


And finally for the little ones. Two Owl Hat’s for the God-children. Again leftover bits of yarn. I even added a pom-pom.


But the big item this year was for himself. Yup he requested a sweater. This is not a small project. Himself is a tall/large man 6’4″. I did a very simple pullover per his request. It fit perfect and is beautiful, if I do say so myself. Note: It is Garfunkel approved!


So there you have it, update No 1.  I promise there is more to come.  In the meantime, grab a little bit of leftover yarn and indulge yourself in a fun spring hat!


One Sweater … Three Sleeves

Yes, that is correct. I know I have only two arms, and yet, I knit three sleeves.


How crazy is that?  Well………

I was in a rush, their was lots of company in the house, and perhaps I had a glass or two of wine. Let’s just say all of the above was going on.

I was in a rush, because the sweater I was knitting was a “summer” sweater and it is now FALL. I wanted it finished, off my list. I did not want to tuck it away until next summer. It was a simple enough pattern,  Capri, something you can have a conversation with and knit. Maybe a glass of wine with and knit.

Let me clarify, the knitting was NOT the problem. The knitting was perfect on the first, second, and THIRD sleeve. The needles were the problem.

I had just finished the first sleeve and was going to start the cast-on of the second sleeve. I reached for my addi turbo click “interchangeable” needle case. Note the word interchangeable for future reference. Stopped to chat with company and then went back to the needle case. When I looked in the case my needles seemed to be mixed up. I had one size 4 and one size 6. I looked at my current needle set and saw that they had one size 4 and one size 6 attached to the same set. (You can see where I am going with this right?)  Did I just knit the sleeve with the 4 and 6 needle at the same time. %#! I must have. Sooooooo, to save time I figured I would just do the same thing with the next sleeve.

I cast on with the Size 4 needle’s did the six rows of the small needle size, but when the pattern said to change to Size 6 needle’s. I only swapped out one. Now I am knitting one row small and one row large.  I kept checking against the finished sleeve as I was moving along. They seemed the same. I thought they looked the same. Full speed ahead, I got this.

Two sleeves are now finshed. They look the same. I lay one ontop of the other. Yup same size. Time to soak all the pieces and block them to size. I lay out the front and back. They are perfect. I lay out the first sleeve, again perfect. I lay out the second sleeve %$#$%#$%#$% too small. Can I stretch it to size, maybe. Will anyone even notice?  It doesn’t matter, I can’t stand it. Did I mention I am pretty much running on empty for remaining yarn.

OK, I give, I will knit one more sleeve. This time I start with Two size 4 needles and do the six rows. Then I change to TWO size 6 needles as per the pattern and finish the sleeve. I made it with 13 inches of yarn left over. Time to soak and block this sleeve. Amazing it is perfect!

And yes, I will rip apart the funky, crazy, stupid sleeve so I have yarn to sew the sweater together.

Lessons learned, oh yah! Will I do something stupid like this again? I still have 10 hours left in this day…….. let’s just see how much damage I can do.







Twilight Time

In the Pacific Northwest we do all we can to extend our summers. We sit outside until late in the afternoon, place a fire in the fire pit, sip a bit of wine, and stay out even later.


As the summer progresses towards fall you begin to feel a chill in the air. As the day transitions to that special moment of twilight, I get cold. So I created a little wrap that would let me stay outside and sip my wine for just a little longer.


This is a simple oversized wrap. There is plenty of space to wear it over a shirt or another sweater. Or even tuck a wee one in with you on your lap. A perfect little something to keep you warm by the fire.

To view more information and to purchase click here.

Here are some of the knitting details:

Sizes S/M Bust 32 – 36 inches
(M/L) Bust 36 – 42 inches
This is oversized with lots of ease.

Yarn 8 (11) skeins Manos Del Uruguay Serena (60% Baby Alpaca, 40% Pima Cotton) 170 yards; 50 grams)

6 (8) skeins in Smoke (MC)1020 (1360)yds
1 skein in Hare (CC1) 170yds
1 (2) skeins in Natural (CC2) 170 (340)yds

Needles US 5 29 inch circular needle
US 5 16 in circular or DPN’s
Or size to obtain gauge

Notions Waste yarn to hold stitches, 5 markers, blunt darning needle to finish

Gauge 24 sts and 32 rows = 4” in Stockinette stitch on US 5 needle. Washed and blocked.

Dipping my toes in the Frog Pond

Frog Pond (definition) a place where big knitting mistakes go until you “rip-it rip-it” apart and reuse the yarn for something else.

As a knitter this is never ever your plan, but I once again find myself at the Frog Pond. I knit this sweater. Beautiful yarn, Sweet Georgia DK, beautiful pattern, IRIS but ……….apparently they don’t like each other.

I should have known, I should have given up when it took me three tries to get the bottom edge of the sweater to work. Not me, nope, I thought I had “fixed” it with a little ribbing to hold it in place.


It was moving along really fast. I was trying it on as I was moving forward. This was going to be such a beautiful little summer sweater. The sleeve’s were a short row sleeve knitted in place from the sleeve cap to the cuff. First one down, perfect length. Moving even faster, second one finished. Knit the short back neck edge and set it to block.

It blocked out to perfection. I was doing the happy dance. All I had left was to tuck in a few ends and stitch the neck edge in place.


I pinned the neck edge and did a little try on.  Hmmmm, not what I expected. I pulled a little here, adjusted a little there. I just did not like this sweater on me.

How can that be?  It is a beautiful sweater, the color is perfect. The sizing matches exactly to my favorite fit. I tried it on again ………nope, I just don’t like it. So for over a week, I put it on, took it off, repeat. I was hoping, magically it would morph into something I would love. Not happening.

My daughter came over and I had her take a look. “The back section is too narrow so the sleeve’s are pulling at the underarm, and the darts in the back are too far apart.”

Ah, the eye of a skilled knitter and seamstress finally figured out the problem. However the only way to fix the problem is to re-knit the whole sweater.

So, here I am at the frog pond holding this beautiful sweater that I don’t like. I know if I finish it, it will sit in the closet and stare at me. I will put it on and take it off. It will stare at me somemore as it takes up space in my closet Do I want to start over and knit this pattern one more time? Plus, I would have to recalculate the whole back section to fit me.

I have made my final decision. I love the yarn, I love the pattern, just not on me. To the frog pond you go ……. I know magically there will be another pattern for the yarn. When that happens,  I will pull it from the frog pond and it will become a beautiful sweater that I will love and wear. Someday………fp5

Baby, baby…….

I have this rule. I believe it is my duty to knit something special for the new babies of my girlfriends that become grandmother’s. Especially those that do not knit. Yes, I know you are outraged, but I do have friends that do not knit.

I thought this would be simple, a cute little sweater here, a fun little hat there. And then ……they all decided to become granny’s. So the race was on to keep up with the demand. I know self inflicted troubles. But those of you that know me, know once I put a rule into place, I stay focused and carry on.

So with needle’s flying, I have been knitting little things. The good news …… they knit up really fast.  The bad news …….. it creates havoc with my planned knitting schedule.

Anyway, it is time for me to share the cute finished baby items. For those of you not into the baby thing, I suggest you avert your eyes or just leave the page. For the rest of you,  baby do I have some great ideas for you.

Let’s start with the sweaters. I stick to this one pattern Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater by Carole Barenys. It has not failed me. Below are some of the finished sweaters. The first one is knitted in Three Irish Girls Finley Fingering. The other two are in Socks that Rock. All you need is one skein.

Then there is the hats. I use several patterns depending if boy or girl and where they live. The first up is the Easy Roll Up Hat by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. They have this yarn called Adriafil Knitcol, it creates the cute pattern for you. You just knit.

For my tough boys, I use my pattern Like the Big Boys. My favorite yarn for this is Noro Kureyon.


And finally for a very special little girl, I knit a little Christmas Bonnet. The pattern is My Sweetest Friend by Surrehue. I really had to dig to find the yarn and it is from Herrschners, called Holiday Yarn.


Just in case, you are a sock lover. Here are baby socks! These are all one pattern, More Better Baby Socks by Ann Budd. The yarn is Quince & Co Finch, one skein of each color.


Phew……….   Now will everyone just stop the baby’s for awhile. I have got some big girl knitting to do!


She who runs with scissors

That’s right in the knitting world scissors can be a very dangerous thing. If used correctly you cut the yarn after ends are woven in. Beyond that they are rarely used. Except……. if you choose to lengthen a skirt.  I know here come’s the crazy talk.

So I had this skirt I knit a couple of years ago. I loved this skirt, but it was a little shorter than what is in style and how I wear skirts nowadays.


I thought about starting over and knitting one just like it, but that would be too easy……. right? Instead I bought a couple skeins of yarn that matched what I had.

Now I bet you think I am going to carefully rip out the hem and just add-on a little length. Wrong. I have this contrasting edge on the bottom and I did not want to change that.


And then I remembered the first six inches from the waist down were knit on a much smaller needle to create a nice fit to the skirt. Here we go get ready for it.

I took a pair of scissors and cut the top off the skirt. That’s right cut the yarn. Took the waistband plus a few inches off the top.

Alright everyone,  let’s all breathe together.  I then very carefully picked out all the loose little short pieces of cut yarn and started pulling on yarn pieces until I got what appeared to be a good round of stitches. With my super fine #1 needles I carefully picked up the stitches and joined with my new yarn. I was now off to the races and knitting a skirt again.


A couple of modification notes. The skirt was originally knit in two pieces and seamed on the sides. I picked up the whole skirt did a K2tog to clean up at the seams and knit this new section in the round. I did my additional length on the larger needle and then switched to the smaller needles as I got closer to the waist.  Unfortunately the new yarn was slightly lighter than the old yarn. For me not a problem as I always wear my top on the outside and it is long enough to cover the color difference.

Phew….  I survived, the skirt survived and YES I would do this again. Scissors are now a part of my knitting process.  Let me run and see what I can cut next!  Kidding!!!

My needles are smoking hot

I don’t know what happen since the beginning of the year. Maybe it was a change in coffee or the cozy rainy days of winter, but my knitting has been flying off the needles. In six weeks I have finished a pair of socks, knit a pair of slippers. three cowls, two sweaters,  a pair of fingerless gloves  and a large scarf. PHEW!


As of today I have nothing on my needles. I have been squirreling every which way trying to decide what I should start next. So today will be that dreaded day of swatching. I figure I will try three or four and see what is going to work. The skirt, the cardigan, or the pullover. And I will start a little scarf project as well.  Or maybe that cute little shawl or maybe  ……… wait ……. more new patterns on Ravelry.  I’m falling into a deep hole of yarn and projects. So much yarn ……. never enough time!


One Minute Before Midnight

How can this be! It is 11:59pm on December 24th and I am binding off on the very last knitted gift. That was not the plan……in fact I really was finished one week ago or so I thought.

Let’s just say on December 17th I was celebrating. The cookies were baked and the tray was complete for our knit nite holiday party at Churchmouse.


I was dressed in my newly knitted Christmas sweater


and even had snuck in a little knitted cowl for my girlfriend.


Himself had offered to drive me to knit nite that evening so I could drink a little bubbly. How perfect is that. Then it began…….. “You know, he said,  I don’t have a Holiday Vest a green one would look really good on me.”  I politely told him…… we could plan on that for NEXT YEAR. He understood and I thought all was settled.

I go upstairs to pack up the last items to take with me for the evening and there he is in the closet, digging thru my stacks of knitted scarfs. “What are you doing?” I asked. Himself replied  “I was looking for a red holiday scarf to wear, I don’t have one.” Let me just clarify that he has his own stack of knitted scarfs apparently they just did not fit the “Holiday Mood” he was going for.  Did I mention that he was just taking me to my party, not going to the party? And that my scarfs were a little girly for him?

And so off we go, he got me to the party, I had cookies and bubbly. I was feeling a little generous at that point. By the time he came to pick me up, I suggested we wander the store and see if there is something he might like. We found the perfect red for a scarf. It was a heavy worsted and I knew I could whip up a Mistake Rib scarf in a flash. That was the crazy talk happening, or the bubbly. Yup bought yarn, had yarn wound. I was off to the races. I could do this in a couple of days, he would have his Holiday Scarf!

Then the parties, and the wrapping, and the shopping required my time and got in the way of my knit a scarf time. I was bound and determined that this was going to be finished for THIS year’s Christmas. And that is why at 11:59pm I bound it off, stuck a bow on it and called it finished.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOODNIGHT!






Block Party

Color block is everywhere this year. On sweaters, dresses, ponchos, and even scarfs. Those of you that knit with me know that I have been on a bit of a color block journey this year. Yup knit a poncho and a summer top in color block. It got to the point that I would look at a pattern and say “I could do that in color block”.  I have been inspired by so many colors that my head was spinning.

I really wanted a scarf for fall with all the colors of fall so “Block Party” was born.block2

It is a simple garter stitch that flows in two directions moving the color blocks from long to short.

The yarn is fingering which makes it light as a feather and the garter stitch makes it squishy. I made it super long, 88 inches. It can be double and triple wrapped and still not to be too thick around your neck.


It is perfect for using up some bits of sock yarn or for a special splurge of new yarn.

I used 5 skeins  of Isager Alpaca Merino fingering (50% Alpaca 50% Merino Wool) 270 yards; 50 grams),  2 skeins Color A (36 – Farve), 1 skein Color B (30 – Black), 1 skein Color C (21 – Lingonberry), and 1 skein Color D (24 – Orange)

Here are a few inspiration mixes just for you ….and me as I don’t think I will be able to make just one.



All are in stock and can be purchased from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.

For those of you that want to use up some of your stash bits, here are the actual amounts I used for each color.  360 yds Color A, 115 yds each Color B & C, and 140 yds Color D.

Go to Ravelry for more pattern details and to purchase. And don’t forget to post your finished photos. I want to see your Block Party.

No Photos Please

A blog post without photos?  How can that be? Well because …… is secret knitting time. That’s right, we all are knitting secret things right now.  We start with great intentions of knitting special gifts for our special people. Hats, mittens, scarfs, socks, slippers and maybe even a sweater We pick out patterns and yarn with each person in mind and truly believe that this year “we can complete everything in time for the holidays”.

I made that list. I selected yarn and patterns and lined them up on my desk so I could stay on track.  I calculated it all out and thought, no problem, I can even slide in a sweater or two for me in this mix.  Full of confidence we all start down our list. First set of slippers, check done. Second set of slippers, check done …..but Himself “needed them NOW”. Second set of slippers delivered to Himself, must rethink list.  First hat finished. Love it when it only takes a day.

Second hat…… what was I thinking. Black yarn, fingering yarn, size 3 needle, casting on 150 stitches. Having a bit of a downer moment, need a little encouragement here.

I still have five more items to finish and I really wanted to make a sweater for me. I know it doesn’t sound that bad. Except we are pushing into November and somehow I volunteered to sew 30 scarfs for our choral group and they need to be done by Thanksgiving.

And those of you that know me, know that soon the cookie baking must begin. I am already being reminded by some, who shall remain nameless, that they of course will be on the cookie delivery list again this year.

Oh just one or two more items. I have a couple of new patterns in the works for you. Just a little photography, final pattern write up, test knit and they will be yours.

Coffee, coffee, coffee…….  Knit, knit, knit ……… I can do this!