No Photos Please

A blog post without photos?  How can that be? Well because …… is secret knitting time. That’s right, we all are knitting secret things right now.  We start with great intentions of knitting special gifts for our special people. Hats, mittens, scarfs, socks, slippers and maybe even a sweater We pick out patterns and yarn with each person in mind and truly believe that this year “we can complete everything in time for the holidays”.

I made that list. I selected yarn and patterns and lined them up on my desk so I could stay on track.  I calculated it all out and thought, no problem, I can even slide in a sweater or two for me in this mix.  Full of confidence we all start down our list. First set of slippers, check done. Second set of slippers, check done …..but Himself “needed them NOW”. Second set of slippers delivered to Himself, must rethink list.  First hat finished. Love it when it only takes a day.

Second hat…… what was I thinking. Black yarn, fingering yarn, size 3 needle, casting on 150 stitches. Having a bit of a downer moment, need a little encouragement here.

I still have five more items to finish and I really wanted to make a sweater for me. I know it doesn’t sound that bad. Except we are pushing into November and somehow I volunteered to sew 30 scarfs for our choral group and they need to be done by Thanksgiving.

And those of you that know me, know that soon the cookie baking must begin. I am already being reminded by some, who shall remain nameless, that they of course will be on the cookie delivery list again this year.

Oh just one or two more items. I have a couple of new patterns in the works for you. Just a little photography, final pattern write up, test knit and they will be yours.

Coffee, coffee, coffee…….  Knit, knit, knit ……… I can do this!

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