Dragon Tales

Why am I a Dragon Lady?

In the corporate world, I have been called a “dragon lady”. Why?  Because I have no fear of moving forward, taking on change, trying new things, and pushing others to take a leap of faith with me.

The same is in me when it comes to knitting. I stayed away for many years because of the corporate thing. Now I have come back with the same “dragon lady” style.

I have found I am a tailored kind of person who doesn’t like a lot of lace and ruffles and stuff. Patterns for this are hard to find so……… I plan to lead you to that style of pattern.  Write some of my own patterns…….  And just share a bit of the “dragon lady” with you.


5 thoughts on “Dragon Tales

  1. Love your site and patterns. I’d like to make the Coffee Run poncho but I wear a 2/3X. Please advise if pattern can be adapted. Thanks so much

  2. I am enjoying knitting Coffee Run. My daughter is expecting, and I thought this poncho would be perfect for keeping her precious cargo warm. I do have a question about the directions: what is “CTB on this (the second) side”? Thank you!

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