One Sweater … Three Sleeves

Yes, that is correct. I know I have only two arms, and yet, I knit three sleeves.


How crazy is that?  Well………

I was in a rush, their was lots of company in the house, and perhaps I had a glass or two of wine. Let’s just say all of the above was going on.

I was in a rush, because the sweater I was knitting was a “summer” sweater and it is now FALL. I wanted it finished, off my list. I did not want to tuck it away until next summer. It was a simple enough pattern,  Capri, something you can have a conversation with and knit. Maybe a glass of wine with and knit.

Let me clarify, the knitting was NOT the problem. The knitting was perfect on the first, second, and THIRD sleeve. The needles were the problem.

I had just finished the first sleeve and was going to start the cast-on of the second sleeve. I reached for my addi turbo click “interchangeable” needle case. Note the word interchangeable for future reference. Stopped to chat with company and then went back to the needle case. When I looked in the case my needles seemed to be mixed up. I had one size 4 and one size 6. I looked at my current needle set and saw that they had one size 4 and one size 6 attached to the same set. (You can see where I am going with this right?)  Did I just knit the sleeve with the 4 and 6 needle at the same time. %#! I must have. Sooooooo, to save time I figured I would just do the same thing with the next sleeve.

I cast on with the Size 4 needle’s did the six rows of the small needle size, but when the pattern said to change to Size 6 needle’s. I only swapped out one. Now I am knitting one row small and one row large.  I kept checking against the finished sleeve as I was moving along. They seemed the same. I thought they looked the same. Full speed ahead, I got this.

Two sleeves are now finshed. They look the same. I lay one ontop of the other. Yup same size. Time to soak all the pieces and block them to size. I lay out the front and back. They are perfect. I lay out the first sleeve, again perfect. I lay out the second sleeve %$#$%#$%#$% too small. Can I stretch it to size, maybe. Will anyone even notice?  It doesn’t matter, I can’t stand it. Did I mention I am pretty much running on empty for remaining yarn.

OK, I give, I will knit one more sleeve. This time I start with Two size 4 needles and do the six rows. Then I change to TWO size 6 needles as per the pattern and finish the sleeve. I made it with 13 inches of yarn left over. Time to soak and block this sleeve. Amazing it is perfect!

And yes, I will rip apart the funky, crazy, stupid sleeve so I have yarn to sew the sweater together.

Lessons learned, oh yah! Will I do something stupid like this again? I still have 10 hours left in this day…….. let’s just see how much damage I can do.