Twilight Time

In the Pacific Northwest we do all we can to extend our summers. We sit outside until late in the afternoon, place a fire in the fire pit, sip a bit of wine, and stay out even later.


As the summer progresses towards fall you begin to feel a chill in the air. As the day transitions to that special moment of twilight, I get cold. So I created a little wrap that would let me stay outside and sip my wine for just a little longer.


This is a simple oversized wrap. There is plenty of space to wear it over a shirt or another sweater. Or even tuck a wee one in with you on your lap. A perfect little something to keep you warm by the fire.

To view more information and to purchase click here.

Here are some of the knitting details:

Sizes S/M Bust 32 – 36 inches
(M/L) Bust 36 – 42 inches
This is oversized with lots of ease.

Yarn 8 (11) skeins Manos Del Uruguay Serena (60% Baby Alpaca, 40% Pima Cotton) 170 yards; 50 grams)

6 (8) skeins in Smoke (MC)1020 (1360)yds
1 skein in Hare (CC1) 170yds
1 (2) skeins in Natural (CC2) 170 (340)yds

Needles US 5 29 inch circular needle
US 5 16 in circular or DPN’s
Or size to obtain gauge

Notions Waste yarn to hold stitches, 5 markers, blunt darning needle to finish

Gauge 24 sts and 32 rows = 4” in Stockinette stitch on US 5 needle. Washed and blocked.

Block Party

Color block is everywhere this year. On sweaters, dresses, ponchos, and even scarfs. Those of you that knit with me know that I have been on a bit of a color block journey this year. Yup knit a poncho and a summer top in color block. It got to the point that I would look at a pattern and say “I could do that in color block”.  I have been inspired by so many colors that my head was spinning.

I really wanted a scarf for fall with all the colors of fall so “Block Party” was born.block2

It is a simple garter stitch that flows in two directions moving the color blocks from long to short.

The yarn is fingering which makes it light as a feather and the garter stitch makes it squishy. I made it super long, 88 inches. It can be double and triple wrapped and still not to be too thick around your neck.


It is perfect for using up some bits of sock yarn or for a special splurge of new yarn.

I used 5 skeins  of Isager Alpaca Merino fingering (50% Alpaca 50% Merino Wool) 270 yards; 50 grams),  2 skeins Color A (36 – Farve), 1 skein Color B (30 – Black), 1 skein Color C (21 – Lingonberry), and 1 skein Color D (24 – Orange)

Here are a few inspiration mixes just for you ….and me as I don’t think I will be able to make just one.



All are in stock and can be purchased from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.

For those of you that want to use up some of your stash bits, here are the actual amounts I used for each color.  360 yds Color A, 115 yds each Color B & C, and 140 yds Color D.

Go to Ravelry for more pattern details and to purchase. And don’t forget to post your finished photos. I want to see your Block Party.

My Nana’s Handkerchief

I was cleaning out and organizing a few boxes the other day and found some of my Nana’s handkerchiefs. Yes, the real ones, the ones that had to be laundered. And if you were of a certain era, the first thing you learned to iron.


For me, the memories of so many things came to mind. The smell of my mother’s cologne on her hanky. It was Chanel No. 5. Then the famous nana spitting on the hanky to wipe your face so you were presentable for church.

With that said, I knew I wanted to do something special to remember those moments, and a sweater design was born. It is a simple top down, A-line that is light and airy. A slit instead of a pocket to hold that special hanky. The hanky is fixed to the slit so it will not be ruined. It can be removed or changed out if you have a few to show off. Or simply omitted if you do not want to use a hanky.


For me it is a precious memory that I can now carry with me and share my delightful moments with others. So pull out your Nana’s handkerchief, show it off a little, and share those special stories of laughter and joy ……..of times gone by.


Some details: It is intended to have a positive ease of 1 – 2 inches. Model is shown with a 1in positive ease. Actual chest sizes are 30 1/2 (33, 36, 38 1/2) inches.

Yarn is Berroco Weekend Aran 4 (4, 5, 6) skeins 205 yards each in Tea Rose.

Gauge is 16 sts and 20 rows over 4inches in Stockinette stitch on a US 10 1/2 needles

For more details and to purchase go to Ravelry.



Kettle Corn

Is it salty or sweet, a sweater or a poncho? Kettle Corn is a little of both.

kc7 (5)

A pullover sweater with high side slits and a big cozy cowl. Perfect for a cold evening at home with your favorite sweats and even better on a sunny day when it is still cool and you need an extra layer.


It is a fast knit, top down, a great first sweater. I did it in a bright color because I needed a little sunshine after this long winter. And just as I finished, the sun came out for the photo shoot. Cold but sunny, salty and sweet, just like Kettle Corn!


Some details: It is intended to have a positive ease of 4 – 6 inches. Model is shown with 6″ positive ease in size 38.  Actual chest sizes are 36 (38, 40, 42, 44, 46)

Yarn is Knit Picks City Tweed HW in Lemon Curd. This is an Aran Weight yarn. Yardage needed is 924 (984,1054, 1119, 1184, 1249)

Gauge is 14 stitches and 22 rows in stockinette on a US 10 needle.

For more details and to purchase go to Ravelry.


Sandy’s Shawl

Sandy is a dear friend, that I see at almost every Thursday Knit Nite. She brought me a “store bought shawl” and asked if I would create a pattern for her.

The shawl fit her perfectly, but… yarn was icky and she had other colors in mind.

So I created this pattern especially for her!

The shawl is simple to knit using stockinette/reverse stockinette to create a horizontal ribbing pattern. There are decrease that shape the shawl so it sits comfortably on your shoulders.

The front has picked up edge stitches for the buckle band. The buckle band is a really fun element that is different from most shawl closures. Carrying the yarn “Party Angel” with the Encore adds just that extra touch of sparkle and softness.

Special and fun with just a bit of sparkle……like my dear friend Sandy!!!

Some Details: Yarn requirements 2 skeins Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun Worsted and 2 skeins Debbie Bliss Party Angel

Needles US 11 and US 10

Notions Belt Buckle with 1″ opening

You can buy the pattern thru the Ravelry Store here : buy now

Market Day Cowl

All of a sudden it feels like spring. Winter coats get tucked away and spring jackets get pulled from the back of the closet. Mornings can be a little cool so I find that a cowl with my spring jacket is a perfect balance. In honor of spring, and the opening of our farmers market this weekend I have created the perfect cowl for you “Market Day Cowl”.

Market Day is done in a beautiful dipped yarn called Half and Half.

It is produced by one of my favorite farms, Catskill Merino Sheep Farm, . If you are one of the lucky one’s, you can find Catskill at the Union Square Farmers Market every Saturday. Lamb sausage, Lamb bacon, garlic and beautiful yarn!!!! His yarns are soft, light as a feather, the ultimate bit of luxury for a cowl.

The half and half on its own create’s a beautiful self striping design. I mixed it up by using an elongated slip stitch which created a fun “tie dye” effect. It takes just 2 skeins to knit up. You get a really large 44″ cowl that can be worn long or doubled for a little additional warmth.

The pattern is a fast fun knit. Click here to buy now. I chose the red color which is a rosy berry red. So fresh, so fun, just like a spring day at your favorite Farmer’s Market.

Melted Crayons

Out of the Closet

For those of you that have been following me, you know I was “busted” a few weeks ago. Himself found my stash.

It took a few weeks of recovery around here for the shock of the stash to settle. Not only did it settle, but a new stash solution has been designed.

Out of the small cabinet that was under the window seat and into the guest bedroom closet. I now have cubby’s and baskets to hold yarn. More baskets to hold needles and accessory items. For the first time everything is in one place and easy to get to!

How could this happen? A few measurements and a trip to Target. The shelving is Closetmaid including the matching baskets. Of course, some assembly was required. And……. just to get access back to his sound system, himself assembled it for me!

Another plus, the guest bedroom closet got a full clean-up in the process.

For you, in honor of my new stash management system, a little pattern………Melted Crayon’s

It is a very simple, fun knit. One of those one skein wonders, in Berroco Boboli.

It started as gift for a friend, then my dear friend’s at Churchmouse’s Thursday Knit Nite started asking for the pattern notes. It became very popular around the table, multiples being knitted by some. I thought it was time share it with you all as well and officially write a pattern.

So pull some fun yarn “out of your closet” and knit up a little Melted Crayon’s in honor of our stash.

Coffee Run

Run, run, run … I took a leap of faith this week. I published a new pattern Coffee Run… A yummy poncho.

I made it because it was something that I wanted to wear.  And there wasn’t a pattern like it, no biggy.  Then.. I started wearing it, and posted some photos of it in my projects on Ravelry, and the requests for the pattern started happening on Ravelry, at my LYS, and even at the grocery store. So…….I wrote the pattern and put a price tag on the pattern.  The first time I ever put a price on one of my patterns.

Why not free you ask…..It takes time and effort to create a well written pattern.  I took the time, tons of review, calculations, checking and double checking. I believe I created a well written pattern.  You can tell me if I am wrong….I know you will.

I also respect all others that are selling patterns and decided this pattern should earn it’s keep against other like patterns and not take away from my friends that sell patterns by being “free”.

Enough of the soapbox, now for the fun! I love Coffee Run, I love the yarn, I love the style and I hope you do as well.

More details

Finished Measurements      One Size 24″ from shoulder to bottom and 45″ elbow to elbow

Yarn     10 Skeins Rowan Alpaca Cotton , this is an Aran weight yarn that I knit one needle size up.  Total 1480 yards.

Needle Size  US 9

Poncho is worked sideways, knitting from sleeve edge to sleeve edge.

It is also posted on Ravely, and you can purchase here…. buy now.

And yes, I made himself help me with photos. It was a beautiful sun filled day in the Pacific Northwest, cool, fresh air, perfect day to be wearing my new fav….Coffee Run

Frosty Fingerless Gloves

Knitting Memories…

It all started with a little book. A book with a copyright of 1953 and a cost of 40 cents. It had been lost but was recently found by my daughter in her stack of knitting.

So why is this book so special… it was my first book of knitting.

My Aunt Bert taught me how to knit when I was the ripe old age of 8. My mom did not knit, she crochet and my other aunt did cross-stitch, and one other did tatting. It seemed liked they all had their specialties and I just happened to like Aunt Bert’s.

Aunt Bert was born in 1900 and was married to my father’s oldest brother so lots of age difference between us. But because both my parents worked, I often went to Aunt Bert’s house after school and knitting is how she kept me busy. Aunt Bert knew all her patterns by heart and could make herself a beautiful sweater and fancy gloves. Did I mention that Aunt Bert was 5′ 8′ and over 200 lbs. What she could not do is size down the patterns in her head to fit me.

So one day when I came over after school, this book was waiting on the table for me, with my own wooden needles, and that fancy Red Heart Yarn. The making of my first mittens came from this book and many more after that. Gifts of scarf and mitten sets, fancy gloves for my mother.

Then life moved on, I moved on to high school, college, traveling the world. Sometime in the 80’s Aunt Bert passed away, not certain exactly when as I was miles from home by then.

But holiday’s bring back memories of family, food, stories, and yes even knitting. This year in honor of my Aunt Bert, I pulled out the book and knit a pair of mittens just for me.

Then created a new design,  just for you….”Frosty” I think Aunt Bert would have liked them!

Click the link to download the free pattern Frosty Fingerless Gloves