Market Day Cowl

All of a sudden it feels like spring. Winter coats get tucked away and spring jackets get pulled from the back of the closet. Mornings can be a little cool so I find that a cowl with my spring jacket is a perfect balance. In honor of spring, and the opening of our farmers market this weekend I have created the perfect cowl for you “Market Day Cowl”.

Market Day is done in a beautiful dipped yarn called Half and Half.

It is produced by one of my favorite farms, Catskill Merino Sheep Farm, . If you are one of the lucky one’s, you can find Catskill at the Union Square Farmers Market every Saturday. Lamb sausage, Lamb bacon, garlic and beautiful yarn!!!! His yarns are soft, light as a feather, the ultimate bit of luxury for a cowl.

The half and half on its own create’s a beautiful self striping design. I mixed it up by using an elongated slip stitch which created a fun “tie dye” effect. It takes just 2 skeins to knit up. You get a really large 44″ cowl that can be worn long or doubled for a little additional warmth.

The pattern is a fast fun knit. Click here to buy now. I chose the red color which is a rosy berry red. So fresh, so fun, just like a spring day at your favorite Farmer’s Market.

1 thought on “Market Day Cowl

  1. I love your site! I did not know you still have your “Becky, Homecy” talents that you always teased me about…..are you still traveling? I have just taken up knitting since I have a crew to run the winery,b&b,etc. it is so much fun…..not on your level, but working on it…..xoxox Jenny

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