Baby……Oh Baby!

It was definitely “mother’s day” around here this past week. It all started on Friday with a call from Jeff letting us know his wife, our god-daughter, finally had their baby girl. Evelyn Vera…9+lbs and chubby cheeks. Both mom and baby happy and healthy.

On Sunday even more babies joined the world. I looked out on the water as our Canada Geese were pushing their 4 new chicks into the water for their first swim. Two hours later, this happened outside our window.

Yup…twins. Mommy deer got tired of us looking out the window and moved her babies along to a quieter location later that day. Frankly, I am happy for that as they would have eaten thru my flower bed in about five minutes otherwise.

So in honor of all you mom’s and baby’s here are a few wee finished objects……

Hat’s a girl must have a few hat’s. The pattern is a Churchmouse shop pattern. Easy rollup hat, done in DK and worsted.

And a summer sweater. That is Sock’s that Rock…one skein.

Can I say Evelyn is going to be one styled babe thanks to her “Auntie O”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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