Frosty Fingerless Gloves

Knitting Memories…

It all started with a little book. A book with a copyright of 1953 and a cost of 40 cents. It had been lost but was recently found by my daughter in her stack of knitting.

So why is this book so special… it was my first book of knitting.

My Aunt Bert taught me how to knit when I was the ripe old age of 8. My mom did not knit, she crochet and my other aunt did cross-stitch, and one other did tatting. It seemed liked they all had their specialties and I just happened to like Aunt Bert’s.

Aunt Bert was born in 1900 and was married to my father’s oldest brother so lots of age difference between us. But because both my parents worked, I often went to Aunt Bert’s house after school and knitting is how she kept me busy. Aunt Bert knew all her patterns by heart and could make herself a beautiful sweater and fancy gloves. Did I mention that Aunt Bert was 5′ 8′ and over 200 lbs. What she could not do is size down the patterns in her head to fit me.

So one day when I came over after school, this book was waiting on the table for me, with my own wooden needles, and that fancy Red Heart Yarn. The making of my first mittens came from this book and many more after that. Gifts of scarf and mitten sets, fancy gloves for my mother.

Then life moved on, I moved on to high school, college, traveling the world. Sometime in the 80’s Aunt Bert passed away, not certain exactly when as I was miles from home by then.

But holiday’s bring back memories of family, food, stories, and yes even knitting. This year in honor of my Aunt Bert, I pulled out the book and knit a pair of mittens just for me.

Then created a new design,  just for you….”Frosty” I think Aunt Bert would have liked them!

Click the link to download the free pattern Frosty Fingerless Gloves


1 thought on “Frosty Fingerless Gloves

  1. I also have thisi knitting book. I don’t know exactly where it is, but I definitely have it. I LOVE the old books and the memories of my red heart yarn with the foil heart which showed us where to start. Thanks for the memories!

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