The Melt Down

It was supposed to be so easy, the gift knitting was pretty much finished. The first round of shopping complete. I even had a photo of that beautiful, calm, transition moment between Thanksgiving and Christmas

……..and then….the melt down happened.  No not me, not even himself, and the cats…well cats care but not that much. No much worse, My COMPUTER!!!

It became, angry, crazy, yelling at me….telling me it had been attacked my a major virus and I needed to BUY this software to fix it NOW!  Yep, that’s right the major virus was the software to buy.  Not only does it jam your computer, it also wants to steal your credit card information.

I did not buy into it’s request. I pulled out all the stops and ran every type of virus cleaning software I had to no avail….

I called in the big guns…corporate IT….we walked thru even more virus cleaning software. No luck, the ugly just got worse.  Then those horrible words were spoken “You will need to ship your computer to corporate”. Yup, had to pack it up and ship it over 2,000 miles and wait several days for the return of the computer.

Withdrawal set in, I am use to being connected and my Blackberry was just not enough. eMails were stacking up, blogs were now behind, as well as status reports, expense reports, budget reports……..

The computer finally arrives 4 days later, 371 emails later, every id and password needed to be reset, favorites needed to be located and reset.  But I am finally back and connected!

So, the melt down put me behind. By the time I received the computer, I was now beyond my week of calm. I was on the singing week. That’s right, I sing in a Chorale and a Women’s small group. The Christmas Holiday performances hit on the same weekend. One week of 4 rehearsals, one 4 hour dress rehearsal, and two Chorale performances and one Women’s small group performance.  Can I have a little knitting PLEASE.

I survived all and am getting back on track. For you, I have two patterns coming this next week.

Coffee Run, a fun poncho


and Frosty, beautiful fingerless gloves.


In the meantime, I have cookies to bake, gifts to wrap and a sweater to finish for me to wear Christmas Day. 

No more melt down’s I promise!

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