The Hints Just Keep Coming…..

That’s right all my friends that don’t knit and even some that do have started the “you could knit that for me” hints for their holiday gifts.

I fixed them this year, sorry you are tooooo late! All my knitted gifts are finished!! Yah right….right….except maybe I will make just one more scarf or another pair of slippers…….

So without giving too much away,  here is what I began in June. Yes June. The weather was warm, I did not want heavy sweaters on my lap, but scarfs and slippers, and little gifts were the perfect summer knits.

I made lots of multiples of some items.  One for me, a dozen more for gifts. Not only was I able to perfect and scale the pattern by making it for me first, I got all my BFF’s feedback of the ” I like or don’t like, I would like one in blue please”.

Below are the photo examples of what I made for me and the patterns I used. Your gift is neatly hidden away until just the right moment when we both can share the joy of a knitted gift together. In the meantime, I get the joy of a little knitted stash!

All patterns are from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas just in case you want to knit a little gift for someone as well.

Shoulder Cozy

Turkish Bed Socks

Churchmouse Family Slippers

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