Frog Pond

Yup, that’s right, I am ripping back an almost completed sweater….UGH.

Ebb Tide was my own design. A copy of a jJill that I thought I would love. Fit was perfect, Yarn was perfect……then I got to the front with the extra six inches of ribbing. I finished off the right side and tried it on. Can you say UGLYYYYYYY. It was exactly as it looked in the picture, but just did not look good on me.

With one side of ribbing to go, I frogged it. No regrets. I love this yarn and the color is perfect on me. I want to wear a sweater I love. Lessons were learned…..a reminder to all of you knitters that have sweaters you finished for the sake of finishing and then do not like and do not wear. Have no fear to frog!!

So it is now neatly wound, placed in a bag, listed on my stash list, and officially in a little time out. I kinda know what I want to make with it but am not ready to face the yarn just yet.

On the upside summer finally arrived on the island. Eight days over eighty. Really hard to knit big items with the heat beating on you. So I have been busy with little items, accessory’s….scarfs, very light shawls, slippers…..

The garden has been busy as well….with green beans, tomatoes, strawberries,  and cucumbers. I did a few little accessory sides here as well.

So far three kinds of pickles, dilly beans, and NO frogs!

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