Two Words…

Sock Summit, yup,  went,  saw,  shopped!!! and shopped!!!

As you can see by the photo, serious damage was done to the yarn budget.

When photo was emailed to himself a one word reply was returned…”STOP!!!!!”

Needless to say, it took a bit to recover from the hysteria. But, the yarn is now in my Stash list on Ravelry, tied to some items in my queue, and being swatched. That is all a good thing.  I highly recommend you create a Stash list and refer to it often. It is very fun and satisfying to shop in your Stash. No good yarn should ever go to waste.

The same as your clothes closet, a couple of times a year clean up your stash, organize it, and throw out the silly purchases that you will never wear or use.

I love that clean house moment. My brain goes into the creative side….if I take this yarn and knit this sweater it will go with the pants I found at the back of the closet that I love but forgot about. New outfit… season…….let’s get knitting!!!

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