Red, White, and Blueberry

So what came first the muffins or the sweaters? Good question, I replied………..

It must have been me dreaming, hoping, of summer that took me on this berry journey.

First there was Summerberry, a beautiful strawberry colored sweater with buttons the color of biscuits.

Then there was Summer Blues, another sweater about the time of blueberry season.

And in the middle of all this knitting…..I have been perfecting a muffin recipe. Red, White, and Blueberry.

That’s right , blueberry’s and raspberries, with cinnamon chips, topped with  white sugar crystals. So Yummy!

So life does imitate art it appears, particularly in cooking and knitting.

Therefore I needed to finish the Red, White, and Blueberry circle by knitting Vanilla Cream.

This one as you can see is in progress. Two things of note. This is my second pattern of the Red, White, and Blueberry set by Hannah Fettig. Vanilla Cream is her Contented Cardi pattern and Summer Blues is the Featherweight Cardi. I cannot say enough about her classic designs and well written patterns. You will be guaranteed of a successful wearable sweater if you choose one of her designs.

The second other enjoyable item of the Vanilla Cream knit is the Yarn!  Beautiful Swans Island Certified Organic Merino….soft, buttery, light….a delight. Just like a muffin!!

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