Finally ……

It finally feels like the New Year. The official begin of a new year for me is when I finally sit down and watch the Rose Parade. I know that to you all I am a day behind, but I am going to relax and enjoy my New Years Day moment with a promise to be back on track tomorrow.

What a year 2011 was! Lots of knitting, singing, cooking, traveling, and a successful work year as well. No complaints from me. I just hope the good karma continues for 2012.

A few 2011 photos for you,  my holiday cookie tray…..


my favorite sweater……..

my favorite mittens……

my favorite hat……

my favorite shawl….

the item I have worn the most a skirt….

and the joy of having only one carryover project into 2012….the afghan.

My promise to me is to finish it up in January. I am 80% there. I can do this!

I hope you too had a great year of food, family, friends, and knitting.

Happy New Year!!!!

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