The Sound of Silence

I know, it’s been really quiet on this blog for a LONG time. I have reasons, excuses, “whatever”.  The truth is the world has been so noisy that I could not put out any more words into space.

However, I feel compelled to speak to you again. That’s a good thing, right?

Let’s do a little catch-up. I have been knitting lots! I survived through the holidays. I recovered from colds, flu, and a fall. In this middle of this I sang with choir and started playing oboe again.  OK , that is the short version if you need more you can follow along below.

Knitting first, sweaters for me. But the most fun was the knitting I did for Christmas. This was the year of the hat. I pulled out yarn from my stash and became creative. There were many, but here are my favorites.

Bronntanas, knit in Clara Parkes beautiful Como 1.0


Then a very fun pattern by Plucky, Onward & Upward. This was knit in bits of leftovers.


And finally for the little ones. Two Owl Hat’s for the God-children. Again leftover bits of yarn. I even added a pom-pom.


But the big item this year was for himself. Yup he requested a sweater. This is not a small project. Himself is a tall/large man 6’4″. I did a very simple pullover per his request. It fit perfect and is beautiful, if I do say so myself. Note: It is Garfunkel approved!


So there you have it, update No 1.  I promise there is more to come.  In the meantime, grab a little bit of leftover yarn and indulge yourself in a fun spring hat!


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