Dipping my toes in the Frog Pond

Frog Pond (definition) a place where big knitting mistakes go until you “rip-it rip-it” apart and reuse the yarn for something else.

As a knitter this is never ever your plan, but I once again find myself at the Frog Pond. I knit this sweater. Beautiful yarn, Sweet Georgia DK, beautiful pattern, IRIS but ……….apparently they don’t like each other.

I should have known, I should have given up when it took me three tries to get the bottom edge of the sweater to work. Not me, nope, I thought I had “fixed” it with a little ribbing to hold it in place.


It was moving along really fast. I was trying it on as I was moving forward. This was going to be such a beautiful little summer sweater. The sleeve’s were a short row sleeve knitted in place from the sleeve cap to the cuff. First one down, perfect length. Moving even faster, second one finished. Knit the short back neck edge and set it to block.

It blocked out to perfection. I was doing the happy dance. All I had left was to tuck in a few ends and stitch the neck edge in place.


I pinned the neck edge and did a little try on.  Hmmmm, not what I expected. I pulled a little here, adjusted a little there. I just did not like this sweater on me.

How can that be?  It is a beautiful sweater, the color is perfect. The sizing matches exactly to my favorite fit. I tried it on again ………nope, I just don’t like it. So for over a week, I put it on, took it off, repeat. I was hoping, magically it would morph into something I would love. Not happening.

My daughter came over and I had her take a look. “The back section is too narrow so the sleeve’s are pulling at the underarm, and the darts in the back are too far apart.”

Ah, the eye of a skilled knitter and seamstress finally figured out the problem. However the only way to fix the problem is to re-knit the whole sweater.

So, here I am at the frog pond holding this beautiful sweater that I don’t like. I know if I finish it, it will sit in the closet and stare at me. I will put it on and take it off. It will stare at me somemore as it takes up space in my closet Do I want to start over and knit this pattern one more time? Plus, I would have to recalculate the whole back section to fit me.

I have made my final decision. I love the yarn, I love the pattern, just not on me. To the frog pond you go ……. I know magically there will be another pattern for the yarn. When that happens,  I will pull it from the frog pond and it will become a beautiful sweater that I will love and wear. Someday………fp5