She who runs with scissors

That’s right in the knitting world scissors can be a very dangerous thing. If used correctly you cut the yarn after ends are woven in. Beyond that they are rarely used. Except……. if you choose to lengthen a skirt.  I know here come’s the crazy talk.

So I had this skirt I knit a couple of years ago. I loved this skirt, but it was a little shorter than what is in style and how I wear skirts nowadays.


I thought about starting over and knitting one just like it, but that would be too easy……. right? Instead I bought a couple skeins of yarn that matched what I had.

Now I bet you think I am going to carefully rip out the hem and just add-on a little length. Wrong. I have this contrasting edge on the bottom and I did not want to change that.


And then I remembered the first six inches from the waist down were knit on a much smaller needle to create a nice fit to the skirt. Here we go get ready for it.

I took a pair of scissors and cut the top off the skirt. That’s right cut the yarn. Took the waistband plus a few inches off the top.

Alright everyone,  let’s all breathe together.  I then very carefully picked out all the loose little short pieces of cut yarn and started pulling on yarn pieces until I got what appeared to be a good round of stitches. With my super fine #1 needles I carefully picked up the stitches and joined with my new yarn. I was now off to the races and knitting a skirt again.


A couple of modification notes. The skirt was originally knit in two pieces and seamed on the sides. I picked up the whole skirt did a K2tog to clean up at the seams and knit this new section in the round. I did my additional length on the larger needle and then switched to the smaller needles as I got closer to the waist.  Unfortunately the new yarn was slightly lighter than the old yarn. For me not a problem as I always wear my top on the outside and it is long enough to cover the color difference.

Phew….  I survived, the skirt survived and YES I would do this again. Scissors are now a part of my knitting process.  Let me run and see what I can cut next!  Kidding!!!

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