I’m So Blue……



Can you tell I have been knitting with blue yarn. Have no fear, it washes off easily with a little soap and warm water.

I have been knitting with two shades of blue, two different projects, and two different blue yarns. One is Catskill Merino and the other is Shelter. Both are artisan producers, both US grown and produced yarns, but what a night and day difference between the two!


So let’s take a moment and talk about each.

Catskill Merino is produced from sheep to skein by Eugene Wyatt. This yarn is from his Saxon sheep. Think Italian yarn, soft fine, luxurious.  It is hand dyed with all natural dyes on his farm. So yes, the blue does come off on your hands as you knit, however, it washes off your hands and needles with ease. I also soaked my finished object in cool water and a little SOAK. I rinsed it clear and have had no blue residue on any clothing since blocking and drying.

So what did I knit with this…. a beautiful Cowl! The pattern is called Shimmer in Blue by Veera Välimäki. Think soft almost cashmere style wool wrapped around your neck. Just beautiful!

baa7 baa8

My other blue is still a work in progress, but has been an interesting comparison of style and finish. It is produced by Brooklyn Tweed, AKA Jared Flood a knit designer, photographer, and yarn producer. http://brooklyntweed.net . His yarn is sourced from Wyoming grown Targhee-Columbia sheep and spun and fleeced dyed in Harrisville, New Hampshire.  Think Irish countryside,  rugged, tweedy yarn. And yes this blue also comes off on your hands and your needles. It seems to take a little more work to scrub off my hands and I my swatch did bleed a little color, but again I think blue is just one of those colors that tends to bleed more than others.

So what am I knitting with this….a sweater. The pattern is called Burr by Veronik Avery. Think a rustic, wind breaker, that you toss on for a cool windy day. Perfect!

burr1 burr2

I am thrilled that we have American Made choices and these men are doing wonders to bring us beautiful yarn. Each has a unique style: Catskill is soft luxury…..Shelter more rugged. You choose what best fits your projects and you will not go wrong with either.

For me, well……I just came back from NYC where I had the chance to show off my cowl to Eugene and of course purchase a few more skeins of Catskill Merino.  So….. now I have a wee stash of Catskill yarn to dream on……..shhhhhh don’t tell himself.

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