Talking in Code

There was a package waiting for me when I got home from knit nite this week. It was from my BFF and was not expected. I always love surprises. This one was a little book……


Yup, “The Secret Language of Knitters”, a guide to knitter’s code talk. You know those secret words….DPN’s, Frog, Stash…..

I found the definitions to be clear and written with a sense of humor. See her definition of Design Modification


Now I know my BFF thought it was fun and perfect for me, I know she will not hate me when I tell her….by this post….that I going to re-gift it. That’s right, it is the perfect little book for “Himself”.

I am going to park it on his side table in the livingroom. No longer will he have to panic and guess what he should do…..celebrate and smile……or run and pour me a glass of wine…..or leave the room for an hour until I calm down. He can reach over to his little code conversion book. Look up the words I am spewing and quietly exit the building.

So to all my dears ones out there, might I suggest you get this little gift for the someone special in your life. Peace, Love, Harmony….stay out of my way while I Frog this one more time d######it.

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