Secret Knitting

I had to go into stealth mode for awhile. You know how it is….you have a knitting gift plan… appears the schedule will work……then another item or two gets added to the list…….a few parties, dinner parties, that you must cook take up your valuable knitting time and the whole thing goes out of control before you even start the Christmas Cookies!

That’s what happened to me this season. It all seemed fine except that the big gift this year was for himself. Yup the sweater vest in Loft, size 4 needles, and did I mention himself is 6’4″. Now he did know I was knitting him the vest and saw bits of it for awhile, but at some point you just have to do the finishing touches in secret. So the midnight knitting began.

In the middle of the midnight knitting, the rest of the gift knitting, chorale rehearsals, concerts, grandkids choir and band concerts, himself shows me his slippers from last year that have a hole in the bottom. Then says “I’m sure Santa Knitter will bring me a new pair this year” Yup, you already know where this is going……midnight knitting is now extended.

Let’s just say, I survived. Dinners with friends and family were wonderful! Cookies were baked!! All 15 kinds, plus three kinds of candies.


And all gifts finished….

A hoodie sweater for EV, 7 months old


An infinity scarf and fingerless gloves for EV’s mommy


A scarf for Natalie, 12 years old


Slippers for my dear friend Karen


And yes, a beautiful sweater vest for himself


and his slippers


and a little something for me that I whipped up between Christmas and New Year’s…..Marshmallow Fluff, Churchmouse’s Magic Three Yarn Scarf & Wrap


And now I think a little nap……Happy 2013 Everyone!!!

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