I was in a “Time Out”

I fell off the face of the earth…..I’ve been on Mr Toad’s Wild Ride and I couldn’t get off.

How about all of the above. Let’s just say my corporate “day” job went crazy this past year. I had a plan, thought it was a 24 month plan, but it moved so fast I exceeded the plan after eight months. It sucked the life out of me!!

So with that said I made a “new plan” a life changing plan. Yup…. I am off the corporate hamster wheel the end of this month. Since I do not need to get on airplanes, himself and I moved out of the city and back into the country. We are on the Olympic peninsula enjoying peace, quiet, and beautiful ocean views. I am feeling so much better!

This is a fair warning to all of you out there that I am baaaaaaack and ready to knit and talk about knitting in a big way. Watch for my yarn shop reviews and a few new patterns as well.

In the meantime, it is the Holiday season, so let me just give you the important photo for now…….. the Cookie Tray’s


Peace, Joy, and Delightful knitting in 2015. The Dragon Lady has spoken!



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