I Bought a Pillow

We all know how this goes right. You buy a pillow, then nothing else matches the pillow. So I bought SEVEN more pillows. Let see …… there is one for the chair in the living room, where the first pillow need began.


Five pillows for the sofa and two more for the bed in the bedroom. Because you can see the bed from the living so it all must match.

And then the duvet in the bedroom did not match so a new duvet was purchased for the bed. Did I mention that all the candles were now the wrong color. Yup new candles.

All is looking good except ….. the cat’s blanket on the sofa is the wrong color. Now Mozart is an old cat 23 years to be exact. A Maine Coon that has lived a long and spoiled life in our household. His “red” blanket was one I had knitted several years ago. It is his blanket and must be folded a certain way for him to rest comfortably on the sofa for HOURS and HOURS of rest.

Sadly I know, in order to have that “perfect summer look” in the house, the blanket must be sacrificed. But do I go and buy a blanket …..Oh NO …..let’s just be crazy and knit a new blanket for the cat! Of course I know all you knitter’s out there will understand this, right?

Off to the yarn store with a pillow so it all matches correctly ….god forbid the color would be off and a new pillow hysteria would begin. Himself would toss me over the edge if that happened. As you know, you can only take a guy pillow shopping maybe once every two decades.

I made a most excellent decision on yarn. Cascade 198, a bulky, knits up fast. And I need fast! Machine Washable. And I need washable. And in the most beautiful color of White. White with a cat? I know a little crazy on my part. Read previous paragraph on pillow shopping and you will understand why I took the risk.

It is now the first part of May and I am casting on for a Summer Blanket, and I mean this summer! There is a need for speed. So size 11 needles and how about a really easy pattern. Grandma’s dishcloth. Oh Ya!!!!

It takes energy to sling those big needles ……. Diet Coke, Chocolate, and Wine!

Mozart sat next to me on his current Red blanket and observed the progress. He kept putting his paws on the in progress blanket approving the cushy soft feeling of the yarn.

And so in just two weeks of only knitting on this project it is finished. The Perfect Summer Look of my house is complete. The red blanket is gone and the new white blanket is in place.


I am back to a little real knitting. Himself is relieved that he doesn’t have to pillow shop for a while. And most important Mozart approves!!!


Now just a couple of months until the Perfect Fall/Winter Look…….

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