My life of late is about boxes’.  Think outside of the box….. flip the box over….. empty a box…. pack a box…. move a box….

Do you see a progression of box’s?  It all started so simple…. an outside of the box business plan that added some additional responsibilities to my plate.  I love my day job, but the travel burden was really difficult. So…..

On a beautiful afternoon, drinking a little wine on the deck, himself and I  were talking about the love hate relationship I have with my job. In that conversation I discovered it wasn’t the job I hated, it was the transportation and connectivity issues. That killer last hour of travel home, praying to the god’s that I would make the ferry-boat.

The having to take a flight a day earlier because the ferry-boat did not leave early enough for me to get to the airport. Add to that the day-to-day struggles of decent internet connectivity and sporadic cell phone connections were exhausting me.

We flipped the box over and said what if we lived someplace else? Wonder if our home would sell this time of year…. mid-September. Let’s see…… We listed our house on Thursday, on Monday our house sold….. it was a sign, by Thursday we had found and bought a new house. Yup, we are moving. I believe when the stars align you must go for it!

To simplify our life, we are moving from the country to the city. A downtown high-rise condo. Easy access to the airport, great internet connectivity, no yard, no maintenance…Phew.

Now the empty a box must happen. Our new space is 1/3 smaller than what we have today plus no garage. The empty and sort every box in the garage game began. There were boxes that have moved with us to our last three houses that had never been opened. There were mis-labeled boxes…how could I have possibly moved my mother’s floral sheets three times!

Boxes and boxes of old paperwork, duplicate photos, and frankly just junk.  Add to that way to much stuff in the house. Is it embarrassing to say the lady at the dump knows us on a first name basis, as does Goodwill and Freecycle? When all is said and done it is very freeing to have less and have to care for less.

We are now into the packing boxes phase. What is left must be packed up for the move. It goes something like this, pack a few books, tuck yarn around a few books… and NO I DID NOT get rid of my stash!

Soon we will be emptying box’s again, but with a joy of a beautiful new space. Stay tuned, in the middle of all this I am finishing up a couple of patterns for you, plus I have completed some fun simple knits that I know you will want to do as well. Now back to box’s……

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