I’m blaming it on my knee….

I messed up my knee a couple of weeks ago. Injured the ACL in a couple of very stupid moves. The first one was at the airport security line….think heels, a runaway rollerboard, and slanted floor, all where you are supposed to place your whole life in five seconds or less on the x-ray belt.  Somewhat painful twist of knee and still had to get thru the airport, on a plane, thru another airport, up a really steep ramp to board a ferryboat to get home.

The second stupid move was day two of being home. Climbing stairs to my garden and realizing there was a ton of peas to be picked. So I knelt down on the knee and heard and felt the painful pop!. Now I am laying on the ground in my garden in serious pain. Seeing stars and not certain I can get up. Finally crawled into the house……just stupid, stupid did I say stupid.

So the party began, ice on the knee….no weight on the knee….hobbeling around the house.

O…wait it gets even better. In one week I am having a party at the house. Fourteen for dinner on the deck. These are business colleges that are flying in from all over the US for our one time casual gathering of our board members dinner. No way to cancel this deal.

Yup you get it……I have a list a mile long of things that must be done. And himself already has a list two miles long that he has to do to help me get ready for this as well. So the projects begin….weeding the garden. O wait, I can’t kneel! Plan B, I sit on an upside down bucket and weed….slide the bucket and weed some more. Did I mention that when you are in pain the logic part of your brain fails to function.

More ice….more wine…..I can do this. And yes I did. Planked Salmon on the grill, Thank you Himself! Roasted rosemary potatoes, grilled corn and tomato salad, spinach salad with blackberries, goat cheese, walnuts and toasted cornbread croutons. Dessert of a peach and plum crisp. Plus s’mores around the firepit. A real Pacific Northwest Feast!

Still ice on knee, still in pain but nothing can stop me now. The annual sidewalk sale is in town and that includes the YARN STORE. I am not going to miss that.  Think pain and logic not functioning. Now think buying frenzy, just crazy knitters grabbing bags of yarn to add to their stash and this is what happened.


Yup, I bought that crazy yarn. What was I thinking…..even better…..I bought a pattern to knit with this yarn and immediately started to knit it when I got home. Ice on knee, wine, crazy yarn…..Oh yah!

The knee started to improve so I went to knit nite with the pattern, the crazy yarn, and a portion of a sleeve that I had knit.


Thank you!!!! My dear,  sweet, wonderful, knitsters!!!!  You are honest……and have no fear to speak the truth.  And the table spoke…….”It looks kinda clownish”……  “Is it for a Halloween costume?” ……”It belongs to frogtown”

So the moral of the story…….when in pain….DO NOT SHOP FOR YARN!!!

For anyone that has an interest in this crazy orange stuff……let me know, otherwise I think it will be fuel for my next batch of s’mores.

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