Raccoons, Baby Socks, and Pie

Yup, it has been one of THOSE weeks. I have lots of knitting projects going on. Most at that last dash finish line. This was supposed to be the finish line week. But then…….

I went up to water my garden, my fenced garden, my deer stay out of my fenced garden. Unfortunately, the raccoons figured out how to get into my garden. Those dirty dogs climbed my apple tree and decided to have a bite and toss a few apples around for the fun of it.  No way were those raccoons getting one more bite of my apples. So all plans were stopped and I picked every last apple from that tree!!!!

Sounds simple, but now I had a bucket of apples to deal with. A multiple of new projects were on my to do list. Applesauce for the ugly ones……frozen slices for future use……and finally apple pie, deep dish, with scratch Crisco crust. A day and 1/2 later and the apple crisis is under control. Plus we have a yummy pie.

The raccoons…..well they have moved on…..to my neighbors plum tree. 🙂

In the middle of all this I had socks to finish….tha’st right…I picked up those needles and pushed thru all five pairs of those baby socks. I did the striped ones last and made them into sport socks.

Phew….I think I need a glass of wine…..and a piece of pie!

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