I’m in a Time Out

That right, I had to put myself in a time out.  Work has been nuts lately and I took on this detailed research project. Can you say millions of data fields to sort, organize, and make sense of. All this was doable until…….I thought I should knit socks.

I have never knitted a sock, our daughter is the sock knitter of the household. Both himself and I anxiously await for Christmas morning to open our daughters gifts to us of beautiful hand knitted socks. Since she is the sock expert, I never felt the need to go there. Then Quince & Co. and Ann Budd did a really cruel thing. They announced a new sock pattern. Mind you, not one pair of socks but five pairs of socks, for a BABY!!! Just too cute!!  And……since our god-daughter just had a baby girl….of course I was going to knit socks. All five pairs of the socks.

I ordered the perfect purple and pink skeins of yarn. Printed off the pattern thinking what perfect little road trip take along’s. O stupid me. First off, if you have never knitted a sock, you probably want to start with a little larger size than a little baby size that takes really tiny needles, and just a few tiny stitches to cast on. Not me, I am going for what I thought would be fast and simple.

Did I say I have never knitted a sock…..there are special cast on’s for socks. Thanks to my very patient daughter for trying to teach them to me. One I have mastered, the other she just rolled her eyes at me and suggested I wait and learn that one after I finish all the socks with the first cast on.  Then there is the heel thing. I know short rows, but not yarn over short rows. I did not like the look of the yarn over short rows. So I thought I should modify the pattern with some other type of short row. I researched various types of short row heels on-line and followed the YouTube video’s to perfect the heel of the sock. Oops, there was a reasons for the yarn over short rows for a Baby Sock, it is called fat feet and ankles. Did I mention I have now knit the heel section five times, on tiny little needles with just a few tiny stitches. Did a mention the costs of baby socks is escalating by the quantities of wine required to rip out and pick up stitches of this tiny little sock.

So, back to the yarn over short rows. Next to the zig zag bind off. Another new technique for me. But finally this one was fun! And I love how the little sock has the look of an athletic sock because of the zig zag bind off.  To get to the bind off required another section of yarn over short rows/long rows just like the hated heel section. More wine please.

Success one purple pair complete, one pink pair with fancy feather and fan complete. And now they are in time out.

I know I have three more pairs to knit, maybe. One thing I know for sure. I hate knitting socks! Give me scarfs, hats, mittens, even slippers, and giant sweaters any day, just don’t make me knit socks.

Daughter of mine, I love you, and grey with multi flecks of color is my favorite new “socks that rock” color. Christmas is coming hint hint…….

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