I have a confession…. Ever since Sock Summit I have had a wee bit of a stash. It is highly organized and all is logged onto Ravelry so that I can cross reference to patterns and use when the yarn and the pattern are that perfect match.

I keep that stash in a cabinet under a window seat. All is neatly packed away in ziplock bags and out of sunlight. Perfect stash management right!

Also notice this is one door of two doors under the window seat. The other door is not mine, but belongs to a large bass speaker for the TV/music sound system, not a problem right…….oh so a problem!

While I am traveling, in NYC, shopping at Purl Soho…for more yarn of course…..himself decides to do a little work on the speaker set-up. Little did I know that the cables for the bass speaker run thru the back of my side of the cabinet. BUSTED!!!

Yup, himself had to remove “a hundred years worth of yarn” to get to the cable. He is “not sure what I was thinking as the colors were weird”.  “And I certainly don’t need to buy anymore yarn” Shall we say he lacks yarn design/vision, and truly no understanding of a little stash.

I have taken time to again put the stash neatly into the cabinet. And each time I pull from the stash, I let himself know that it is being utilized.  And just in case you read this blog……..a little confession……..a delivery from Catskill Merino Sheep Farm is coming this week.  My stash is running a little low……….LOL!

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