Snow Day!!

We finally got our one big snow of the year up here in the Pacific Northwest. Enough so that schools were out and roads were snow and ice packed. That means we were snowed in! The rule of thumb for our house is when the mailman makes it thru we know we can get out as well. We waited three days for the mailman………

The good news, we did not lose power and I had plenty of yarn! No bad news.

The Yarn Harlot must have known I was snowed in and wanted a little something fun to knit. I am certain she release her mitten pattern “Cloisonee” just for me…ya think?

It is the perfect stash busting mitten to knit. A dear friend had sent me some yarn bits for the holidays so I actually had some bright colors to work with. Karen, if you are reading this, the purple and red was yours.

The mitten pattern was fun to learn and to knit. A perfect little something to break up the monotony of staring at the snow.

In a couple of days, all the snow melted and life returned to normal. Mittens finished waiting for the next cold day and I finished my little Black Cardi!

Whats next? How about some pillows? Vogue Knitting just came out with some beautiful pillow patterns. I think they have my name on them.  I finished the afghan so now need to freshen up the pillows to blend with the new afghan.

I know, soon I will need to buy a new sofa to go with the pillows…….then will need a new afghan to go with the new sofa……we all know how the decorating saga goes………..

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