The Gnomes of Thanksgiving

We had company come for Thanksgiving week. We love this company and they are always welcome at our house. But our house was not real welcoming to them this year. First off, they are from southern california so when they come to visit us on an island in the Pacific Northwest we set the heat a little warmer in the house so they do not freeze. No Problem.

Problem!  On the Monday before Thanksgiving the snow started falling… the beach. We played in the snow, took pictures in the snow as everyone was excited about the snow. Until, the power went out Monday evening. We have propane fireplaces so the house stayed somewhat warm for the night.

Tuesday morning still no power and no promise we would have power at all on Tuesday. The whole island/then county was without power. Fast showers with the last of the hot water. We set-up the generator and calculated the amount of gas we had and number of hours we could run generator.

Did I mention the roads were solid ice so we could not get up our hill to get out….you can see where this is going right.

Tuesday night was really cold, even with fireplaces running house was at 5o degrees. Our friends were being good sports as they were freezing. However, we still had to build the snow gnomes on the deck and take a hike in the snow.

Wednesday still no power, but a promise of power by 10am. No hot water, running out of gas for generator, everyone cold and cranky. 10am came and went, no power. Also, lost phone lines. The good news…ice on roads had cleared and roads had been sanded.  Time to pack up our friends and send them on a ferry boat to the city where there is power, hot water, and heat. 

They are on their way to warmth. Not us, still no power, but prepping Thanksgiving dinner on the propane cooktop and praying to the power gods. Himself returned from town with full gas tanks so we could run the generator and have lights for the evening.  At midnight, the power came back on!  YEA!!!!!

Up early to prep turkey and fire up the ovens. Heat is on, hot shower…really long hot shower. Double expresso! Life back to normal. Beautiful Thankgiving dinner with family.

Now if I can just have a little time to knit all will be right in the world.

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