Off My Game

It has been a bad week and I hope the ugly karma has finally left the building.  It all started with a required corporate phone exchange. I thought I would be “hip” and “cool” and get something other than a blackberry….so. I selected something else, called rumour.  It had a bigger screen, flip out keyboard and it was the color blue. Got the phone and called our corporate call center to get the phone all set-up. Three days later was still waiting for a call back, had tried to do all the set-up on my and own and nothing was connecting.  Drove 40 miles to the nearest phone center for assistance. AND found out that the phone is just a phone and will not connect to corporate email, sync to my outlook, load up all 300+ of my contacts.  They would gladly exchange the phone for me for the full price of a new blackberry, plus $150 set-up fee.  Drove home without paying for their “exchange”.  Emailed corporate with the I am dying here please help me and finally got a response. New phone on its way….no additional charge.  Two days later got the new blackberry.  It will not set-up and connect. I have been on the line with customer support for two hours as they are walking me thru the hard set-up of my phone.

BUT!!!!!! it gets even better………During all the phone hysteria, I have been knitting a fingerless glove as I am a little behind on the Christmas gifts.  Made it to the thumb gusset and was ready to place the thumb stitches on stitch holder when I took a moment to try it on.   Thumb gusset was made on wrong needle and was sitting at the location of my index finger.  Rip, rip…………….Did I say it was time for a beverage with alcohol

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