Knitted Gifts…

Us knitters always seem to knit special gifts for our special friends that don’t knit. But we often knit little somethings for each other as well.  Why would you knit something for someone when they could very well knit it themself, you ask?

Well….. we can’t help ourself’s. For me, it is often creating or knitting something that they don’t do. I recently knitted a beaded scarf for someone in a very fine fingering weight yarn. I happen to know she loved the scarf pattern but knitting fine weight yarn was something that  was difficult for her. So my gift to her, was to knit her the scarf she adored but could not knit for herself.

And then sometimes… if I am very very good…. I get knitted gifts. My daughter knew I wanted to learn how to do thrumming. I bought the yarn, the slipper pattern, the wool and it sat….. and I read the pattern…. and it sat for some more time. I finally handed her the whole bag with the pattern and told her I just did not have it in me to mess with it..

Magically this week she handed me a bag and in the bag were the finished slippersgift1

I am in heaven! They are soft and wonderful! I understand how the thrumming adds warmth. But most wonderful is that she took her precious knitting time to make them for me.

But wait there is more…. in the bottom of the bag was thisgift2

A skein of yarn. We often buy yarn for each other when we travel….. but this wasn’t just any yarn. This was yarn she had spun for me. That’s right, she has a wheel and spins as well. I had picked out the fiber on our last trip to Sock Summit. It is Dragon Fly Fiber with silk. Just beautiful, a heavy lace weight of about 700 yds. Wow, Wow, Wow.  It is going to be something really special.

In the meantime…. I am paying it forward…. to another knitter friend that is doing a special favor for me. I know she has a new grandbaby and I am certain he is going to love his “Like the Big Boys” hat…


Just because, I can’t help myself…

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