Road Trip

I have been on the road…..airplane after airplane, city after city, business meeting after business meeting, so tired I can barely knit.

So while I have been slaving away, himself and the cats have been home in our new digs checking out their new spaces. The cats have discovered the low window ledges make for perfect perches. Among other tricks, Sting runs to the window ledge jumps on the ledge and then proceeds to walk thru the metal shade pulls because they make this clank sound. I think he figured out it annoys us.

Himself has been taking walks thru various parts of the city, finding great little coffee shops, stores, neat old homes. So when I came home this last time he had something special just for me. A business card… with the name “Bad Woman Yarn” on it.

Yup…. himself found a yarn shop for me. He even walked thru the yarn store and talked to some of the staff. He said “I think you might like it, but I am not sure…. it’s different.”

So on Sunday, we did a little road trip together… to Bad Woman Yarn in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. What a delight! I won’t tell you the whole story here as it has inspired me to add a new section to my blog… Favorite Shops. I will be adding reviews of shops that I visit and love, all across the US.

In the meantime…. I bought a little more yarn, Madelinetosh Sport, color is Firewood. And yes himself helped me pick it out and got me the tulips as well. Just because…..smoky1

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