The Dragon Has Arrived!

As promised, a new look for the new year!!!

Finally you get to see the Dragon Lady as her true self. This is all thanks to Alex Sanso of Artopia Creative, a most incredible illustrator who took on the task of creating my dragon lady knitting persona. I think she did a most wonderful job.

So while you admire the Dragon Lady, I will give you a quick update of my intense road tours.

NYC2014aNYC….yes, I did buy a little bit of yarn. Dragonfly Fibers, Neighborhood Fiber Co. and, The Verdant Gryphon all were at Vogue Knitting Live. The best of course is Catskill Merino Sheepfarm at Union Square Market. Beautiful hand dyed yarn. Eugene Wyatt’s saxon merino sheep are the best. The hand on this wool is stunning. So I brought home a lot from him. Enough for a couple of sweaters and a couple of beautiful lace scarfs…YUM!!

I have had a lot of airplane time as I went from NYC, home for one day, then off to Los Angeles and the OC for another week. PHEW!!! Needless to say there was a lot of mindless knitting required as I was in business meetings until late in the evening and just plane tired… LOL.

So here are a few scarfs I knit from coast to coast.

Spooky, pattern is Antarktis, this is Dragonfly Fiber, Pixie.


Jeweled Sunshine, pattern is Jeweled Cowl, yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Worthy, I used way less beads than was recommended, just scattered
them… in my own logical way.

jewel1And I finally finished Silver Marin… pattern is Marin, yarn is Lana Grossa Chiara. This one had been sitting for a while. It was the pattern that drove my airline seat neighbor to the 100 question distraction and I just had to step away from that memory.


And finally, a giant cake for you to ponder…


Yes, it is crazy crayon colors. Yes, so not black or brown. Yes it is for me… now I know you are scared! Stay tuned… I promised you are going to like it!!

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