Knitting at Warp Speed

It has been just crazy in my world. You know the drill, travel, Thanksgiving, cooking, shopping, visiting with friends, work, and yes Knitting all those gifts for everyone on your list. Plus you have to pick and choose what you knit and where so as not to give away the surprise of that perfect knitted gift.

Thursday Nite at my LYS, Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, has become a delight of knitted gifts. Mittens and gloves, wraps and scarfs, sweaters and vests, and cute toys. I would love to show you pictures, but they are all  knitted gifts each for someone very special. Pity the poor soul that would give away that secret.

I have been knitting full speed, working thru all the projects I have on my gift giving list, plus tossing in a few extras here and there because I could not help myself. Please somebody stop me now!

The good news is there are finished items, some I can even share with you.

First up, I completed my Thanksgiving Skirt. The pattern is Lanesplitter. So cute with boots and a warm sweater.

Then I tossed in a couple of extras, because I could not help myself. Our god-daughter has two young children. A baby girl and a toddler boy. I just had to knit them Christmas Hats that they could wear now. So Eve gets a bonnet of Angora and holiday sparkle yarn. The pattern is My Sweetest Friend. It was a fast afternoon knit and just soooooooo cute!

Henry gets a big boy style stocking hat in holiday green. The pattern is a modified version of Churchmouse’s Boyfriend Hat. Again a fast knit and perfect for a little boy with red hair.

I also finished a cowl on a business trip to DC. Sorry can’t share that one as it is one of those special gifts. Am almost ready to pick up stitches for the ribbing on the miles and miles of vest I have been knitting for himself. Think 6′ 4″ tall man, size 4 needles, and loft yarn….Phew.

And in the middle of this I wrote a mitten/fingerless glove pattern for you! It is in tech edit and will be released next week.

So what is left…….fingerless mitts, slippers, Christmas Cookies, Holiday Parties, still need to decorate a house…..maybe a little sleep, and maybe a sweater and scarf for me….because I can’t help myself!

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