He Who Re-ordered My Queue

So I had a plan, the perfect plan…….I had all my knitting planned thru the end of the year. I needed to get everyone’s gifts finished. You know the endless requests for slippers and scarfs. Then there was a couple of sweaters for me, a Thanksgiving skirt, and a baby gift. All do able, all scheduled, some already on the needles. Just perfect!

Until a beautiful Saturday of shopping. Our little town was having a special event with discounts in all stores including my favorite, Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. And just to make it a little more tempting that same weekend was the Jared Flood trunk show.  Do you hear trouble?

To control my yarn addiction, I decided to take himself with me for a little shopping.

It was a great day to be out walking in town, a few clouds in the sky, no wind, a comfortable temp….so of course he came along. We stopped at many shops along the way. Himself has great patience in my wanderings into the multitudes of women’s clothing stores and very cool shoe stores. To humor him, we always check out the art gallery’s, the book store, and this time Lindsey’s, one of the few stores on the island that actually have men’s clothing.

Himself got into a shopping moment as he found three great shirts!  He also tried on a vest, but it just did not look that great on him. I told him, that I could probably knit one for him that he would like better. O silly me!

Since the mood was happy, I moved along to Churchmouse. Himself rarely walks into the store, but sits out the in the courtyard while I do a little shop. He people watches. I touch yarn. It’s a good thing.

Did I mention there was the Jared Flood trunk show, did I mention the special shopping day discount. I got to try on the sweater “Burr”. It was soooooo cute! So I walked out and showed it to himself. He liked it and said “get it”. And the queue just took it first hit.

Now small town America is delightful. You can walk out of a shop to show off a sweater. You can carry yarn outside to check the color.  I am grabbing yarn and walking outside to himself as he helps me pick the perfect color for my sweater.  I found a beautiful dark blue Shelter. Just perfect!

While a little skein winding is going on, I pull a couple more colors of Loft and see what might match the new shirts himself just got.  Of course, we found this beautiful brown tweed. I go to put it back and himself pipes up “But the yarn is on sale today, you should go ahead and get it.”  Wait did I just here himself say yarn and buy it in the same sentence. Somebody must want a knitted item. Run quick before the buzz of the new shirts wear off.

Back in to buy more yarn and to find a simple vest pattern. Plain, no cables, just stockinette. Did I mention himself is 6’4″? Think miles and miles of stockinette.

Did I mention this is his Christmas gift…….did I mention my perfect plan is now in its third revision…….did I mention I am now behind schedule on my perfect plan……..

1 thought on “He Who Re-ordered My Queue

  1. Love your story. My “himself” sounds much like yours. He supports my habit — says, “Go ahead and get it.” Therefore I have way too much yarn waiting for me. I just ordered your new pattern on Ravelry — now to get some yarn.

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