What Happened?

So where are you? Are you still going to write your blog? Yeah…..Yeah…..I know. Things just got a little nuts and then my computer had a major melt down. It got a nasty virus. I hope you never have to experience a full system attack on your computer.

It was supposed to be a nice morning, a relaxing morning, but NOOOOOOOOO!  A giant warning notice displays on my computer screen telling me I am infected and must click this button to clean up my system. I did not click the button as I did not recognize the software. I did click on my antivirus software and begin to run it. My software did not recognize this software as a problem…..problem!  Shut down computer re-boot hope for best. Try to get to Yahoo, but no, the virus software will not let me get anywhere unless I run its software and buy its virus upgrade. NOT.

Did I mention this is Saturday so my technical support team was not available. Fired up the blackberry and emailed support, explaining issue and hoping first thing on Monday they could assist. Decided the best thing I could do was to leave the building so I did not have to face my computer anymore. When all else’s fails a little shopping always makes a girl feel better.

While out shopping an email arrives on my blackberry from technical support with full instructions as to how to dance around the virus, download the virus killer, and get my computer back on track. Jason, you rock!!!

Feeling much better being assured that a solution was possible, I did what every girl does in this situation…..continue to shop.

Sunday, after my double espresso, I began the task of downloading software to another computer, transferring  it to my thumb drive, and running the software from the thumb drive to kill the virus.  Three hours of clean-up, of babysitting a computer, two more espresso’s and “magic”. My computer was whole again.

I was able to connect to the world, read all my emails, blogs that I follow, newspaper’s on-line and catch-up. Phew.

In the meantime, I have finished my Featherweight Cardi in the beautiful Panama yarn.

Almost have my Summer Berry complete.


And am moving along on creating my own pattern for Plum Crazy.

Stay tuned, as I am back among the connected and virus free!

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