Cleaning Up my Knitting House

My storage and organization has been a little lacking in my Knitting House. Mainly because I get so excited to move to the next project that I kind of toss and go the remnants of the old project. And I just did not know where or how I was going to store all the stuff. 

 Until I could come up with that ultimate solution my interim plan had been this…..

 yes, that is a shopping bag.

 I was just tossing all patterns in the bag. The smaller bag was keeping the yarn leftovers that had more than just a few yards.

But against the rest of my highly organized house these bags were annoying me.

The ultimate solution came with an ultimate sacrifice from himself.  He offered me a lateral file drawer in our office. This was a major win for the knitting management of the household.

But now the organizational plan needed to be put into place.


I did not want to get too detailed or I would never take the time to file anything away in the future, so I settled on something that was fast but made sense to how I would reach for a pattern in the future.

First, I sorted by groups…..Cardis, Pullovers, Mittens and Hats, Scarfs, and Designs in planning stages. Then I did one sub group in each of  knitted pattern or future knit. I like to keep patterns I have knit for the notes and techniques. Rarely do I ever knit a pattern again unless it is a basic mitten. Files were made, stuff was dropped into place and I still had space.

Needles next…….A perfect plastic basket, a simple order Zero – 17, Shortest circular at front of each size. Double points in same order after circulars.

The yarn….Why am I keeping these odd bits, when in doubt toss it out. So except for a few that I would use for test swatching, I tossed them.

A beautiful drawer, with space to grow, easy to locate items….calm again reigns in the knitting house.

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