A Gift of Words

It was my birthday last week. And yes it was a full week of birthday events. Dear friends came in from out of town to celebrate with me. We traveled to all my favorite places …..which means lots of yarn shops!  And yes, we bought a little bit of yarn. There were beautiful evenings of conversation and dinners that I got to cook!  And of course, wine and more talk of yarn…..


But the main event was on my birthday. I chose to cook for  friends and family. It was a very special evening of fun and laughter.

However, the day began with a bit of panic ……..  It started about two weeks before when my dear friend called to let me know a package was coming addressed to me and NOT to open it but hold it for when she got there. Time passed, I was in party planning mode and alas the package did not arrive. So on the day of my birthday, when she asked for the box so she could wrap it, imagine her dismay when there was no box. This was a Saturday, the company was closed for the weekend. She was devastated as it was something special that she, a non knitter, had found for me a knitter.

I already thought I had the best gift of a visit from her and her hubby. Apparently she did not. So instead she locked herself away and created a most incredible gift for me. Far greater than anything that could be bought, she gave me the gift of words. I cannot begin to explain how surprised, blessed, delighted ……….more words ……..more words …… there are not enough words to describe how special the moment was as she read this to me.

So for all of you that never know what to give someone take a moment and write a little something that gives joy to their life. And yes, she gave me permission to share her words with you.

Thank you my dear, dear, friend.

An Ode for Olivia January 30-signed




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